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Our current restoration project is one we’ve had for many years, during the past two of which the car has sat stagnant while we focus on other projects - a 1991 BMW 540i that began life wearing white paint and a straight 6. Click the photo to read the story of the car and keep up with us as we bring it beyond its former glory.


The story of the daily driver, the MNB-Mobile, a 1997 BMW 750iL with quite the extensive history. We like to use this car to show others whats possible when you dare to dream. Click the photo to read its incredible journey.


This BMW was a special treat, another vehicle we got to travel for and had a thrilling experience with!


Phil’s 2015 mercedes-benz s550

We went down to Decatur, GA and spent a few days with this Diamond White Mercedes-Benz S-550.

Mike’s 1979 porsche 911

Follow this journey that started with a single photograph and the internet.


Jason's 2016 jeep wrangler

This Jeep was one of the many vehicles we did during our last trip to Atlanta, GA. It got a 2 step paint refinement followed by 2 layers of ceramic coating. The results were unreal.


Tricia's 2016 mercedes-benz c63s

Like Jenny, Tricia wanted easier maintenance on her vehicle. We went out and polished the paint, followed by an application of our Premier sealant.


april's 2007 mercedes-benz ml350

Sometimes when you're running late to work, you have to get ready on the way. We took this Mercedes in and erased history from its interior surfaces.


jASON'S 2015 BMW X5M

This Alpine White X5M received a full exterior detail including ceramic coating on its paint, trim, glass, and wheels. We also touched up some of the coral red leather to get it looking and feeling new again.

dERRICK'S 1983 733i

Picked up for the sole purpose of restoration, we got to work right away upon receiving it, giving it a paint restoration and coating, leather restoration, carpet cleaning, wheel replacement/restoration, and engine bay detailing.


melinda's 2011 bmw 550i

We all know how well the combination of children and cars works out. Melinda brought her 550i to us to get the interior fully steam cleaned and looking new again.


freddy's 2004 porsche 911 carrera

The interiors of Porsche 996s have a tendency to peel and fade because of their chemical makeup, they just weren't very durable. Freddy brought his 996 to us to disassemble the interior, hand-strip the panels and re-coat them with a more durable finish. We also redyed the seats as they had lost a little bit of color to the sun.



Kevin got a new work toy and wanted it protected the right way. It had a few miles on it when we received it, so we did a full correction and scratch removal, and followed that with ceramic coating on the paint, wheels, and headlights.

Joseph's 1984 Porsche 944

To prepare this Porsche for sale, we traveled to Kansas City, MO to revive the original single stage paint and give it a sealant. 



Jenny likes carefree maintenance when it comes to her vehicle's appearance, so she had us coat all of the exterior surfaces. Paint, wheels, brake calipers, and glass.


JENNY'S 2016 FIAT 500E

Jenny cares about the environment - she shows that by driving an eco-friendly vehicle. She wanted that car protected, so she came to the only company in town that offered eco-friendly coatings: M&B Detailing.


chris' 2001 bmw m5

Chris' M5 hadn't had a paint treatment in a while - so we revived the Orientblau Metallic paint to a lustrous finish so ensure its owner would continue to turn heads.